Safety is my Number One Priority

Everett has been my home for the past 43 years, and it has been frustrating to watch it become filled with addicts over the past decade. I no longer feel safe in my own city which is simply unacceptable. Many fellow residents and business owners feel the same way. I am running for mayor to make this city a safe and family friendly place again. These are my goals as mayor:

Cleanup Everett

•Move the drug addicts out of Everett’s residential neighborhoods and business areas.
•Clean up the streets, parks and neighborhoods and make them safe for citizens to use again

Enforce Laws

•Enforcing existing state and local criminal codes is a necessary first step to cleaning up Everett

Reorganize City Government

•Run an efficient and professional city administration that is responsible to its citizens.
•Evaluate city departments and functions and make changes as needed
•Balance the city’s budget. Everett is facing a $20,000,000.00 budget deficit in 2022. Instead of giving departments a specific dollar value, they will get a percentage of the budget. That allows them to know how much money they will have in the future and they can plan accordingly.
•Build Everett city government into a proactive operation as opposed to one that reacts after the fact.
•Promote City Council districts
•Support term limits for all elected city officials
•Encourage the City Council to become stronger neighborhood and local business advocates.

Support Drug Free Homeless

•Divert money and resources allocated to supporting drug addicted homeless to helping homeless school children and their families.
•Increase support to non drug addicted homeless and mentally impaired

Fast track items

•Provide budget to the Everett Fire Department to handle increased aid support for addict overdoses.
•Get Fire Department big rigs and ladder trucks off the road unless they are specifically required. The Fire Department is wearing out its most expensive equipment doing Aid car work.
•Add a new secondary support dept. to the Everett Police force. Individuals in uniforms but not EPD blue. No guns, no badges, no tasers, to respond to local low level neighborhood problems but with the ability to quickly summon a Police Officer if required.

43 Years
Everett Resident
35 Years
Local Business Owner
25 Years
Boeing Manager
Happy Customers


Hello, I'm Gary Watts,

For the last 43 years I have been an Everett resident. I spent 25 years at Boeing as a high level manager while also managing several small local businesses. I have since retired from Boeing and manage my Z Sport businesses full time.

Over the past decade or so, the drug addict population outside of my Smith Ave business has steadily grown, and crime as increased correspondingly. In the last year, the average number of people camping on the sidewalk was 80, and crime was a daily occurence. We could no longer leave cars outside at night or they would be robbed. I was personally a victim of this one night and my passport was stolen. My business has also been vandalized numerous times, including the $3000 front window being smashed out twice. Customers quit coming to us because they were scared, and we had to have employees escort people to their vehicles.

A couple months ago, I had finally had enough. Having spent almost $10,000 on fixing damage caused by these addicts ($6000 of that was the front windows), it was time to do something. I decided to set up a camera and show the world what was really going on down here on Smith Ave, and thus the Tweaker Cam was born. After a month or so, the addicts realized they were no longer safe from the law here. Several drug dealers and prostitutes were also arrested because they were on film committing crime. It's been about 3 months now and Smith Ave is cleaner than its ever been.

The problem is a lot of the addicts have just found other places in the city to hang out and cause trouble. Driving around the city at night you can see them running amok, leaving trash and needles everywhere they go. This is absolutely unacceptable, and I want to put a stop to it. I believe by implementing my plan above, we can make this city clean and safe again.

-Gary Watts

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